Quality Policy and Food Safety of  “INVERT” LLC

            The main goal in the Quality Policy and Food Safety of “INVERT” LLC is to maintain the reputation among consumers as a supplier of high quality and safe food products that meet the world’s leading standards and always have high and stable quality. The needs and requirements of consumers are the priority basis of all activities of the company.

To achieve this goal, our company has implemented an integrated management system for food quality and safety in accordance with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000. The integrated management system covers all the processes of the company, the implementation of which contributes to the stable quality of our products, meeting the needs of our customers.

The policy in the field of quality and safety of our company is directed on:

– identification, assessment and control of risks related to the functioning of the processes of the integrated management system;

– maximum satisfaction of constantly growing consumer requirements for product quality and safety;

– ensuring the supply of consistently high quality products to consumers at competitive prices;

– creating consumer confidence that our products are always guaranteed high quality, safe for health and meet the requirements of current legislation, state standards and additional requirements;

– mutually beneficial partnership with suppliers;

– ensuring friendly relations in the team of the company;

– constant improvement of the system of motivation of creative activity of all employees of the company, increase of level of professionalism of each worker and consequently increase of value of our company;

– establishing and implementing goals as a tool for implementing the Policy, continuous improvement of integrated management systems and continuous development of the company.

“INVERT” LLC declares that will ensure the implementation of the policy by:

– introduction and continuous improvement of the integrated food quality and safety management system in accordance with requirements ISO 9001, ISO 22000;

– using in the production of advanced technologies, modern production equipment and means of control;

– continuous improvement of all business processes of the company;

– creation of effective mechanisms of internal and external information, ensuring response to inquiries of internal and external origin;

– implementation and maintenance of constant monitoring of critical control points, operational programs-prerequisites, observance of all applicable sanitary and hygienic requirements in the process of food production;

– adherence to the principles of management leadership;

– selecting and involving staff in the interaction and active participation in quality management to carry out on the basis of assessment of professional knowledge and skills, ensuring a fair attitude to staff, the formation of a common understanding and implementation by the staff of set tasks;

– introduction of appropriate staff motivation, organization of staff training.

The company’s management assumes responsibility for:

– constant increase of efficiency of the integrated management system of food quality and safety;

– analysis, change and improvement of the Policy in accordance with market requirements;

– constant improvement of production processes;

– gradual reduction of costs due to more efficient use of equipment and materials;

– creating favorable conditions, providing financial, personnel, material and technical resources of the company for the implementation of this Policy.

Director of “INVERT” LLC

January 20, 2021                                           /signed/           L. I. Pichkar


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